We can help you transform your ideas into a new powerful and scalable products.


We can help software development teams to reduce time to market of new products and losses of revenue due to poor quality of products.

Software Robotics

We can help you robotize manual processes in different industries.

Proit has been delivering software products and performance testing solutions for clients for over 10 years. We have extensive experience developing and testing software for projects of national scale (e.g., Tax Accounting Information System) and high risk critical systems (e.g., Customs Risk Assessment and Control Information System). Combining years of industry experience with technical expertise and domain knowledge, Proit can help to ensure your systems do not fail and remain in peak condition. Our company installs, develops, and supports systems that are based on international standards (e.g., OpenText Documentum). Proit’s professional testers have vast experience working with various testing tools (e.g., NeoLoad, LoadUI). Collectively, our team is very productive and efficient.


Proit’s competitive advantages include the use of new systems and software to effectively manage business processes. We use four main parameters to track progress and ultimate success of software development projects:

• Quality – provide high quality project deliverables.
• Scope – meet or exceed all project requirements and objectives.
• Time – deliver all products within project deadlines.
• Cost – finish all projects within budget.

Proit is an IT company that develops a wide-range of complex IT solutions for the private and public sector.

Proit’s JHighway framework (developed in-house) and highly experienced team of testing professionals allow us to develop higher quality software (20-40% higher quality than the industry average) in shorter amounts of time (up to two times faster than the industry average).

Proit software development services benefit a wide-range of clients –from startups to large enterprises – to transform ideas into powerful and scalable products or services.
Proit delivers high-quality software and meets ambitious deadlines. Software delivery time by the Proit team is up to two times faster than the industry median.

Key benefits:

• Shorter time to market for new complex products or services
• Improved quality of products and services, leading to enhanced revenue gains

IS Architects Certifications

The team has the following certifications in IS architecture development:

  • Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect,
  • MCSD, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer,

Development Certification

Our developers are experts in Java and .Net technologies and Oracle DBMS. We have developers on staff that are certified in the following areas:

  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer,
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer,
  • Oracle Certified Expert, JAVA EE 6 Web Services Developer,
  • MCAD, Microsoft Certified Application Developer,
  • Microsoft Specialist: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3,
  • Microsoft Certified Professional, etc.


The lack of efficient and effective software development testing processes negatively impacts the quality and to time to market of products, especially with highly complex projects. According to Forrester research, “a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. So, if a site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost them $2.5-million in lost revenue each year.” Within the software development industry, in-house testing teams frequently do not possess the required expertise to conduct meaningful performance tests or to perform effective and efficient scale-testing. According to Starbase Insight, industry shortcomings in software testing are understandable since testing during anticipated peaks constitutes only around 10% of your testing activity.

ProIT can conduct and manage all phases of performance testing required by complex projects, including detailed planning from start to finish, understanding what needs to be tested and required test volumes, selection of optimal testing tools and services, and data generation and analytics.

ProIT performance testing services help software development teams with complex projects, resulting in higher quality products that require less time to reach the market.

Outsourcing testing activities to ProIT will reduce your number of pre-launched products waiting to be tested, ensures resources will be properly allocated, and will help control costs. Our experienced testing teams will not only assure full compliance of your products with applicable requirements, but also will provide insight into how to solve any identified performance issues. Flexible allocation of ProIT’s testing resources will help to reduce time to market of new products and control testing costs of complex projects. Proit’s professional testers have vast experience working with various testing tools (e.g., NeoLoad, LoadUI). ProIT’s attractive (price/performance) pricing helps reduce testing costs.

Key benefits:
• Shorter time to market of new complex products and services
• Enhanced revenue losses due to poor services (products) quality;
• Costs reduction and effective control.

Testing Certification

We have very strong and experienced testing teams, with certifications in the following:

  • ISTQB®-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level,
  • ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level, Test Manager,
  • BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing,
  • ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing, etc.

Software Robotics

Organizations are focused on serving customers and growing productivity while reducing costs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools help to automate routine tasks in legacy and modern systems, which allows your workforce to focus on more complex tasks and solve difficult problems. RPA solutions can reduce costs by 30-50% and increase productivity, which ultimately provides even more value to customers.

RPA enables process improvement to go beyond process reengineering/optimization or labor arbitrage. The efficiency of existing robotic solutions outperforms employees many times over and, additionally, robots do not make mistakes, work 24/7, and can be quickly ramped up to match volatile demand. RPA also provides full audit trails and compliance with quality and process requirements. RPA can be deployed without altering existing IT infrastructure and systems, which lowers implementation risk. ROI is typically realized within 4-6 months.

RPA technology is developing fast and can be described by three categories, depending on the level of “intelligence”:
• Rule-based automation – robots that follow a set of pre-defined rules to perform tasks
• Enhanced/intelligent process automation – robots that can understand unstructured data and/or human communication (e.g., voice- or e-mail) and draw conclusions based on data cross-checking
• Cognitive platforms – robots that learn from experience in the same way humans do to perform complex tasks without human intervention.

We are developing those solutions based on rules, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Labor costs continue to rise

Over time, increased productivity, the lengthening in the lifespan of solutions and the drop in equipment prices all favor the move towards robotization, while labor costs continue to rise.

The mass arrival of the robots is no longer a question. The real question is how soon and how better to be prepared for it.

Proit ProRules



Proit developed a rule-based analysis tool, termed ProRULES, that is very useful for robotizing manual processes in many industries. We successfully adapted ProRULES for telecoms and government institutions. According to the Director General of the Social Fund of Lithuania, the payback period of ProRULES was one year.

Proit is also testing a Hadoop version of ProRULES for rules-based automation of unstructured data (i.e., big data). Our R&D team is planning to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) version of ProRULES for AI-based automation.

We are developing new solutions based on AI and RPA together with our partners:

Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI) is a high quality research-oriented institute, creating and developing new technologies.

Since the first publication in 2010 BPTI researchers have published more than 90 publications in a variety of different academic journals.

There is a long tradition of doing researching various machine learning and data analytics methods here at BPTI. BPTI scientific articles are usually the bases for new ways of analysis our client data with R&D services later on. This is where new ways of analysis big data get made.

Neuroscience Institute of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences was established in 2011. Scientists working at the Institute are involved in basic, applied, and clinical research in various areas of neuroscience and behavioral medicine.

Since the first publication in 2011 the institute scientists have published more than 200 publications in a variety of different academic journals.

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