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Information management platform.


Tool of automation of manual processes.


Innovative information systems framework.
Proit provides and integrates OpenText Documentum, Proit Prorules and Proit JHighway solutions with a set of managed functions that meet the specific needs of a particular customer.

OpenText | Documentum

Documentum is now a part of OpenText™ Content Suite, which is an integrated group of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions designed to help organizations take full advantage of the opportunities offered through digital transformation. By creating a centralized, unified information grid, Content Suite connects information from across the enterprise with the people and systems that need it. Additionally, Content Suite drives Personal Productivity with simple, intuitive tools and user experiences, Process Productivity through full integration with lead applications such as SAP® and Microsoft®, and Control with legendary OpenText governance and security functionality. Used by some of the largest and most innovative companies and governments in the world to enhance competitive advantage and customer relations, Content Suite is available on-premises, as a subscription in our cloud or as a managed service.

OpenText Documentum has a very broad spectrum of enterprise document management features and solutions ranging. Due to the immense complexity of the Documentum platform, it can be challenging to achieve high or optimal performance of the system.

OpenText secures digital transformation across the intelligent and connected enterprise: migrate from the content to the information management platform.

The Proit team has vast experience with the Documentum platform, which will ensure your content management projects are implemented quickly, seamlessly, and tailored to your specific needs. Our team is involved in all stages of the project: initiation, analysis, implementation, integration, migration, testing, deployment, and maintenance.


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Should I stay or should I go? – you should stay with Documentum


A year ago many Documentum customers, the client had postponed any decision about future plans for their system until there was a clear understanding of what OpenText would do with Documentum.  At that time TSG thoughts on making future decisions about Documentum were posted with an 80’s Clash theme – Should I stay or should I go?

Today the answer is clear – you should stay with Documentum, because the latest release of Documentum represents the heavy investment that OpenText has made in Documentum since its acquisition. They’ve made a strong effort by developing this update: adding more new features and delivering more new value.  Documentum delivers value across the entire platform, with nearly every component being updated. Rather than itemize all of the updates, let’s consider the key themes for this release:

  • TCO reduction,
  • user productivity,
  • mobility,
  • integrations.

The new version of Documentum shifts that platform from enterprise content management (ECM) to enterprise information management (EIM) and eliminated all doubts of Gartner’s experts with regard to the Documentum as a tool for digital transformation. Now it is becoming a powerful tool for digital transformation.

Today many Documentum users are facing  the challenge – who can help them to migrate the platform to the newest version.

Proit can help to solve that challenge.

Open Text Certification

The team has more than 7 years experience and knowledge of OpenText | Documentum enterprise content management system:

  • Enterprise Content Management – Content Management Systems Architecture (EMCTA – Technology Architect)
  • Content Management Foundations (EMCPA – Associate)
  • Content Management Web Application Programming Specialist Version 6 (EMCApD – Application Developer)
  • Content Management Server Programming Specialist Version 6 (EMCApD – Application Developer)

The Proit team recently implemented a well-designed and very complex nationwide court case management system in an EU state, based on OpenText Documentum. Compared to its predecessor, this new system provides greater user-friendly functionality with all the complicated and intricate logic underneath the user-facing features, at much greater speeds.

The Proit Documentum team helps mid-sized and large enterprises transform ideas into new, powerful, and scalable content management systems that are based on the OpenText Documentum platform. Experienced professionals at Proit consult customers on preparing the best possible configuration, including selection of an optimal set of Documentum components, integration of Documentum components and existing systems according to the needs of the user, and maintaining overall health of the user’s content management system.


Organizations are focused on serving customers and growing productivity while saving costs.

ProRULES is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool that helps to automate routine tasks across your legacy and modern systems, which allows your workforce to focus on more complex tasks and solve difficult problems. ProRULES can be used to drive even more value to the customer, increase productivity of the organization, and reduce costs by 30-50%.

ProIT has gained a lot of experience in risk management in the past decade. By working with INTRASOFT and implementing the risk compliance system ESKORT, we have developed an information system – ProRULES – that automates risk assessment as well as selects and controls activities related to taxes and duties. The management features of ProRULES is currently being used nationwide by two EU states to identify and prioritize risks and control activities. Proit’s experience and knowledge of Drools facilitated our development of ProRULES.

Features of ProRULES include:

• Rules-based system
• Open source-based system
• Open APIs
• Provides robotization solutions for manual processes in:

  • Telco: fraud and revenue assurance management;
  • Finance: a wide array of robotic processes in the financial industry;
  • IoT: data analysis, decision making, and device management;
  • Other industries.

ProRULES is an RPA tool that is very useful for the robotization of manual processes in various industries.

• We have a version of ProRULES for rules-based automation of structured data
• We are testing a Hadoop version of ProRULES for rules-based automation of unstructured data
• We plan to develop an AI version of ProRULES for AI-based automation.
ProRULES can provide solutions for a wide-range of companies, from startups to large enterprises. Additionally, ProRULES can be used to facilitate the robotization of manual processes in various industries.

Key benefits of ProRULES include:

• Simplicity: system rules allow business logic to be easily defined
• Easy to use: configuration instead of hardcoding (rules are written and put into production by business people)
• Flexibility: integration into business processes
• Scalability: parallel analysis and execution of processes


New systems and new software help the company effectively manage business processes and increase competitive advantage. There are four main success attributes for identifying and measuring software development project success:

  • Quality – deliverables with good quality.
  • Scope – meeting all requirements and objectives.
  • Time – delivering the products to meet the deadline.
  • Cost – Meet the requirements in terms of cost and effort.

How to be successful in software development?

JHighway is a framework of web-form templates that can be used to quickly develop high-quality applications. JHighway is based on open source technologies, such as Java, EJB, GWT, Vaadin, Birt, JBoss, and Tomcat.

JHighway key features and functionalities include the following:

• Builds forms quickly by extending templates from the framework
• Provides standard components for standard column types
• Provides standard components to address child table records and can register a child table with a foreign key
• Integrates various components to quickly produce complex forms, in hierarchy and with full functionality
• Allows users to manipulate data with just a few lines of code
• Displays data in tables with millions of rows that can be sorted by column
• Creates and saves various custom filters for future use
• Exports data in HTML, PDF, XLS, and XML formats
• Autosaves data, displays data history, and audits data
• Integrates BIRT reports and adds new reports to the app menu
• Assigns permissions to user groups
• Adds custom features to selected forms for printer-friendly PDFs
• Conducts online translations of an app’s literals and tooltips
• Configures data display features such as the number of rows to display in a table, column sizes, and more.

JHighway allows the Proit team to quickly develop all necessary IS functionalities from scratch. For more than 10 years, JHighway has been delivering complex, feature-rich systems for low maintenance web-based business applications.

JHighway facilitates development of higher quality apps in shorter periods of time (20-40% higher quality and up to two times faster than industry averages, respectively). The JHighway framework liberates developers to concentrate on the business needs of their clients.

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